Pakeway Cat Window Perch Hammock Cat Bed with Upgraded Version 4 Suction Cups, Safest Cat Bed for Large Cat can Holds Up to 50lbs (Black)

Pakeway Cat Window Perch Hammock Cat Bed with Upgraded Version 4 Suction Cups, Safest Cat Bed for Large Cat can Holds Up to 50lbs (Black)

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  • ?? THE BEST GIFT FOR YOUR CAT == This is best cat bed can make cat to enjoy the sunbath and wanna see the scenery outside. This cat window perch hammock bed can make your lovely kitty comfortable and enjoy a front view of nature while basking. The sunny bed is only design for your cute kitty. Please hurry up, give a gift for your cute kitty !
  • ?? LARGE BAT PERCH SPACE == This cat window perch hammock stand area can hold two stretched cats at the same time. The cat window perch hammock length is 26" and width 15", and the stainless cord length 23", also the suction cups diameter 3.5". The cover is a heavy duty mesh easy to clean !
  • ?? SAVE SPACE DESIGN == The peach hammock cat bed provides your cat have nice independent napping spot without taking up space in your home. You can set more than one hammock bed on your window. Your cat will love and enjoy that and your vibrant cat will jump between hammock beds on your window.
  • ?? THE NEW UPGRADE VERSION SUCTION CUPS == The new 4 suction cups can provide cat hammock with something that can handle 50lbs. Easy to mount onto your window and removed in seconds onto your window glass just following the installation steps without any tools. The suction cups can hold your cat and work very well under sunlight and heat.
  • ?? PLEASE READ THIS NOTE BEFORE YOUR INSTALL == Before you install cat peach hammock bed please clean the windows and suction cups. Than put the suction cups into hot water(175?-200?) for 4 minutes and dry with a little bit water then put into the window. If you want remove it just do it again and sticking to the new place. Please check and fix suction cups once a week. If you have any questions welcome to contact us anytime.
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Pakeway Cat Window Perch Hammock Cat Bed with Upgraded

Item : Cat Window Peachs Material : PVC Package Including : 4 PCS Suction Cups 2 PCS 24 PVC Pipes 2 PCS 14 PVC Pipes 2 PCS T Pipes 2 PCS Elbow Pipes 2 PCS Stainless Steel Cables 1 PCS Mesh Cover Size : Perch Hammock Length is 26 and Width 15. Stainless Cord Length is 23 Appropriate Sizing : First, our cat window perch will be big enough for your cat to adequately lay and stretch out. Weight limit : Our perches can hold upwards of 50lbs and multiple cats. Think about your own pets. If you cats like to share a sleeping space, the cat window bed can hold their combined weight. Quality materials : We used PVC to made this window bed and make sure durable materials for the frame. The strong fabric that wont stretch out or wear out over time. Hanging style : Hanging style: The window peach dont require any screws or permanent installation, which is convenient for many people - especially renters. Comfort : Your cats love to look out the window. They like to lay out in the sunshine and stalk birds and other critters they spot out the window. Looking out of the window keep cats entertained for hours. It makes them feel like a part of the outdoors – all within the comfort and warmth of their own home. A cat window perch provides your cat with a great view of the outdoors along with a comfy bed to relax and stretch out on. Its like a front row seat to your cats favorite movie.

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