Junglecatt Cat Window Perch. Best Cat Window Perch Hammock with Extra Strong Suction Cups.

Junglecatt Cat Window Perch. Best Cat Window Perch Hammock with Extra Strong Suction Cups.

Product Features

  • ??THE BEST MOST RELIABLE BED PERCH FOR YOUR CAT. All cats love the sun and a perch to watch the world outside. Our design provides a comfortable, stable and importantly safe place to do this.
  • ??EXTRA STRONG SUCTION CUPS with 2 extra suction cups to serve as a replacement should you need it. Positioned to the windows with 4 big suction cups that can hold up to 55lbs and the withstands two smaller cats or one large cat. Please wash windows and suction cups before using.
  • ??DELUXE WOVEN FABRIC. The woven mesh fabric is waterproof, breathable, removable and washable. Very easy to clean.
  • ??TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EXTRA SPACE. The cat window perch will free up floor space while your cat can enjoy a comfortable and stable sunny hammock
  • ??BIGGER SIZE CAT WINDOW PERCH. The Cat window perch will accommodate all sizes of cat from very small to our older heavier friends.
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Junglecatt Cat Window Perch Best Cat Window Perch Hammock

The Junglecatt Cat Window Perch is a unique design which allows your cat to enjoy the comfort of indoors with the view of the outside world. The perch is attached to the window with extra strong suction cups. The frame is made of strong and durable plastic pipe and the bed with weather resistant easy to was woven fabric. The Junglecatt Cat Window Seat can be used indoors or outside. It is advised to lay a blanket to make it even more comfortable. Window should be at least 27.5 inches wide for the perch to fit well. Please measure window area before buying as does not fit small windows. WINDOW SEAT SUCTION CUPS: Step 1 Clean the surface where you are mounting the suction cups. Wash surfaces with a damp, clean cloth. Wash glass and mirrors with a window cleaner and dry thoroughly with a towel. Suctions cups will not stick to dirt or dust. Step 2 Rinse the back of the suction cup with warm water and remove any residual dust or dirt from the edges of the cup. Dry the cup thoroughly with a towel or allow it to air dry. Step 3 Wet the tip of your finger and rub your finger over the inside edge of the suction cup. The moisture helps the suction cup create a seal. Step 4 Hold the suction cup where you want to mount it, and press it against the surface. The center of the suction cup should indent inward toward the surface slightly. Hold the suction cup in place for 15 seconds. Step 5 Release the suction cup slowly. This allows the vacuum to build in the cup without breaking the seal.

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