PetRebels Cat Tree Kings & Queens Kate 110 Ice-Grey

PetRebels Cat Tree Kings & Queens Kate 110 Ice-Grey

Product Features

  • A Petrebels product always meets the same quality characteristics and is individually handcrafted.
  • Petrebels is made unique because of their own designs.
  • The best plush quality. Accountable wood! Non-toxic materials!
  • By using glue on the sisal and plush we extend the lifespan of our products by 30%!
  • Petrebels rules.
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PetRebels Cat Tree Kings Queens Kate IceGrey

Art. 431225 Cat tree Kings & Queens Kate 110 ice-grey The new softness is on hand! But how do we transfer this feeling to you and your cats? Well try it... cottony, velvety, soft, bloomy, woolly, fluffy, plushy, cuddly, soft like down, feathery, cozy, cuddly... I think you have now an idea about our idea of our new plush. It has 1.000g m and is sooooo soft! Our Kate convinces with its modern design and beautiful trend colors, which make your living room light up, but still fit perfectly into the ambience. The posts are made of sturdy and paw-friendly woven paper-rope and form the perfect symbiosis with the plush color. A great tree which has no equal. We are proud of our Kate and you will love her! Measurements: 80x80cm Height 110cm Product details: Plush quality 1.000g m plastic socket made of ABS in a molded thread Post diameter: 9cm pole winding made from paper rope 5, 6mm, extra glued Measurements bottom plate: 80x80cm Height 4cm Color: ICE-GREY Weight: 29, 00 KG

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