Zolux Cat Scratch Mono Grey 35 x 35 x 42 cm

Zolux Cat Scratch Mono Grey 35 x 35 x 42 cm

Product Features

  • With scratching post Mono Grey consists of a cat scratch post with a diameter of 8?cm and a rectangular base. Total Size (approx.): L 35?x W 35?x H 42?Cm
  • The Cat Scratch Post is covered with hemp: an essential to trimming claws Cat's rough thanks to fibres.
  • Practical: The Cat Scratch Post Mono is equipped with four anti-slip pads to ensure stability
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Zolux Cat Scratch Mono Grey

I tiragraffi sono in canapa: indispensabili per per il mantenimento delle unghie del gatto, grazie allefibre rugose.Facili e rapidi da montare Istruzioni e viti incluse.Pratico: il tiragraffi Mono equipaggiato con 4 piedini antiscivolo.

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