Petrity Cat Scrather Lounge&Toy-Cat Scrathing& Flipping Pad Made of Durable Cardboard (Brown, Arch Bridge)

Petrity Cat Scrather Lounge&Toy-Cat Scrathing& Flipping Pad Made of Durable Cardboard (Brown, Arch Bridge)

Product Features

  • CATS NEED IT: Cat scratching is an instinctive and healthy behavior (keeping claws sharp; marking territory; stretching back, legs and feet; stressing relieves). Scratcher can be used as cat lounge, bed, flipping pad, and toy.
  • YOU NEED IT: Saving your furniture, drapes, and carpets from claw damage. You will happy to see cats enjoy scratching on the cardboard (more attractive with catnip).
  • ATTENTIVE DESIGN: Compact (16.5×9.8×2.7 inches that blends nicely with most homes); Utility (Reversible for both sides use); Fashion: (Unique mustache shape, different curves on both sides offer different stimulations).
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Durable (Made of strong corrugated cardboard); Environmental Friendly (Recyclable cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue).
  • HEAR YOUR VOICE: We love hearing from our customers. If you have any questions on our product, please let us know without hesitation!
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Petrity Cat Scrather LoungeToyCat Scrathing Flipping Pad

cat toy, house cats,cat scratcher, cat scratchering pad Corrugated cardboard construction. Glue made of cornstarch Petrity cat scratching pad cat scratcher rest interactive Senior cardboard health Environmental protection Comfortable Stress relief kitten Lounge with catnip double horizontal bed modern fashion narrow protector refill Training sofa nature sport Petritys Cat Scratchers not only eliminate your worry of damaging expensive furniture by cats, but also satisfy cats instinctive scratching need. The small and exquisite design of Petritys Cat Scratchers make it possible to be placed anywhere in the home – even in a small corner where cats like to stay. Meanwhile, the unique appearance of Petritys Cat Scratchers will make them more attractive to cats. It provides your cats a comfortable place to scratch, rest, and play. Every Petritys Cat Scratchers are made of materials that have been rigorously approved and must be environmentally friendly, safe, and durable. Petrity is committed to making every customer enjoy the pleasure of living with cats.

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