Diversity world Natural Sisal Rope Covered Door Cat Scratching Mat (20"x7.8", Khaki)

Diversity world Natural Sisal Rope Covered Door Cat Scratching Mat (20"x7.8", Khaki)

Product Features

  • ? 100% natural sisal (woven), High density sewing machine lockrand
  • ? 20" lanyard can let you hang in any one of the door handles and can easily adjust the height of the mat
  • ? Backing: non-woven fabric and anti slip epoxy latex design
  • ? Design and knitting of large size thread, Total weight: 2300g /m²
  • ? Overall Thickness: 0.5"(12mm), the backing is plenty sticky enough to keep it not from sliding around
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Diversity world Natural Sisal Rope Covered Door Cat

Size: 20x7.8 Color: Khaki We all know that cats have a natural trait, that is, they need to grind their claws every day, not only destroying your furniturebut also occasionally bringing you personal harm. Its a tough question for you Our cat pads can solve this problem very well, Its made of natural 100 sisal fibers and with a firm cotton edge woven, your cat will have not able to scratch and claw at the mat. The underside of the cat mat is made from non-slip latex which keeps its position totally unchanged while in use Our sisal catnip scratch mat is made of natural sisal fiber, and contains no chemical additives. It is a kind of green environmental protection household goods. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no static electricity and pressure resistance Please note: Most cats will use this scratching mat, but individual cats need you to be trained and induced to use this scratching mat, for the first time so please you can use some catmint on the Scratching Mat and guide it. Buy it now! It will be a great gift for your cat! Of course, it will also help you get rid of the damage of cats to your furniture Cleaning method: Transfer sisal carpet to the outside and shake off the dust on the surface. Or use a vacuum cleaner Tips: before cleaning, you can sprinkle a little salt, with dust suppression flying function. Because the salt can absorb dust, even small dust can also clean up clean. At the same time, it can also make carpets more durable, and always maintain colorful colors Eliminate the peculiar smell of pet on carpet: Add a small amount of soda water in 4 liters of warm waterabout 86, soak with towel, wring dry and wipe it Not only can prevent carpet discoloration or fading, but also can eliminate the smell of pets After youve finished, put it in a ventilated place and dry it

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