Tumbler Cactus Cat Toys Interactive Scratcher Sisal Ball Catnip Kitten Toys Scraper Tree Tower for Indoor Play Hunting Exercise

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  • Toys Type: Catnip Toys
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: cats
  • Is Smart Device: NO
  • Material: Plastic

Tumbler Cactus Cat Scratcher Ball Interactive Catnip Kitten Toys Natural Sisal Scraper Tree for Cat Indoor Play Hunting Exercise


♥BALL CACTUS SISAL TOY: This elaborate scratcher toy is made of sisal fibre which is rightly to stimulate in touching and smelling senses.

♥NATURAL & ECO-FRIENDLY: Natural sisal is not harmful to the health of kittens, so you can rest assured that your kitten will scratch and bite.

♥JOY OF GRINDING CLAWS – When kittens are alone, they need toys to avoid depression. This scratching ball is very suitable for kittens to play on their own. At the same time, it can care for nails and help relieve stress.

♥GREEN PLANT APPEARANCE – The color of this cat toy looks like a cactus without thorns will interest the kitten. This appearance certainly adds novelty value for kittens.

♥PROTECT YOUR FURNITURE – Cat enjoy the shape and the feeling Benefited from the scratching surface. Not only offering delight like scratching, rolling over, but also satisfied curiosity for cats, which has led directly to protect furniture from claw damage.

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