New Lamb Meat Precision Adult Dog Food 3 Kg MERO GLOBAL Turkey Fast Shipping

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Lamb Fleshy Delicate Adult Dog Food 3Kg

Lamb Fleshier Adult Dog Food 3Kg
Chicken Large Breed Adult Dog Food for 1 years old on the medium and large breed adult dogs specially formulated.
It is free from protein source lamb as meat, as a source of carbohydrate easy sindirilebilen brass, rich in vitamins and minerals. Rich content with this product through the fed dogs a healthy and balanced.
Adult dogs for all the necessary nutrients bünyesinde require this, content quality and customer satisfaction eye önününe taking are listed in the category.
Adult dog food fed with vital functions of dogs on work and this mamayı user dogs healthy way of life typically.
Lamb Fleshier Adult Dog Food Benefits and Features

* Lamb Meat adult dog food single protein source.
* Large breed dogs joint problem hassasiyetine and the way around this problem is so as not to porridges producing rare firmalardandır.

* Brand special have formulated content through your dog have healthy skin and bright plumage.
* Easily sindirilebilen carbohydrate source, digestive hassasiyetine have dogs digestive health.
* Best dog food for skin allergies, hydrolyzed protein or your pet’s response was unlikely to making is a sole-source the original protein containing.

* Nutrient absorption makes the intestinal flora, strengthens and thus köpeğinizin dışkısındaki bad smell is reduced.
* Have a rich content of dog mamasıdır, your dog’s strong to remain and continue vital functions of ettirmesini sağlar.



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