New Lamb Meat Precision Adult Dog Food 2,5Kg MERO GLOBAL Turkey Fast Shipping

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Lamb Fleshy Delicate Adult Dog Food 2,5Kg
Component: Lamb meat 15, Brass 17, Dried poultry proteins, corn, corn gülüteni, animal oil, corn flour, hydrolyzed animal proteins, dried pork meat proteins, beet puree, yeast, fish oil, potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, mono plasma proteins, tetrasodium difosfast, Tricalcium fosfast, salt, bioflavanoldler rich citrus extracts,

Analytical Components: protein 28.8, oil content 18, crude fiber 2.0, inorganic material 6.5, calcium 1.2, phosphorus 0.9, Humidity 9.0
Ingredients: Vitamibn A 27000 IU, Vitamin D3, 1800 IU, Vitamin E 680 mg/kg for, vitamin C 500 mg/kg for, Taurine 1200 mg/kg, Ferrous sulphate monohydrate 260 mg, Potassium iyadür 1,9 mg, copper sulfate pentahydrate 34 mg

The nutritionist’s instructions: daily meals see chart. Specified amount daily recommended amounts of that day and so the animal’s age, race, climatic characteristics, in accordance with the level of mobility and physical kondüsyonuna should be set. Single daily meal is recommended to be given. Nutritional changes a week during the previous feeding product ilr new product anytime by mixing should be done gradually. Veterinerinizi regular please visit. Always the dog ulaşabiliceği place clean and fresh water please keep. Dry and cool place.

Product Features

Selection Of age

Adult (1-7 Age)

Breed Selection

Medium Breed

The main Source of Protein

Lamb Succulent

Content Selection


The physiological State

Normal, Weak


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