New Kuzulu Adult Dog Food 3 Kg MERO GLOBAL Turkey Fast Shipping

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Kuzulu Adult Dog Food 3Kg
  • For adult dogs over the age of 1, in order to meet the needs of all, tailor-made to antioxidant effect, powering immunity system, digestive system protecting, lamb meat and pirinçli, dog mamasıdır.

  • * Vitamin E, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, selenium, zinc, copper, manganese and taurinden cellular aging antioxidant system of obstacles and healthy life holding out delay aging.

  • * Included immunoglobulinler the immune response sağlayarak digestive system, özelliklede intestinal flora. * Heart and eye protecting health taurine katkılıdır.

  • * Optimum protein level with strong muscle structure formation as well as providing immunity sisteminide supports. * Omega 3 fatty acids, biotin and zinc contains a healthy skin and coat structure sağlar.

  • * Calcium and pyrophosphate content through your oral health korunmasında effective role. Mamanın Content

  • Meat and side products (red meat 15,00), grains (rice 15,00), vegetable source side products, plant and animal oils, vegetable protein extract, yeast, minerals, vegetables, fruit.

  • Mamanın Analysis

  • Crude protein 28,00, crude fat 18,00, humidity 9,00, crude fiber 2,00, inorganic material 6,50, 1,20 of calcium, sodium 0,30, phosphorus 0,90, vitamin A 27.000 IU/kg, vitamin D3 1800 IU/kg, vitamin E 670 mg/kg for, vitamin C 500 mg/kg for, taurine 1200 mg/kg, Biotin 0,24 mg/kg, iron 85 mg/kg, iodine 1,40 mg/kg, copper 8,80 mg/kg, manganese 40 mg/kg, zinc 171 mg/kg for selenium 0,10 mg/kg.


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