Kays Dog Lamb Fleshier Pirinçli Adult Dog Food 15 Kg


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All 100 natural content of an adult dog is formulated to meet your daily activity.

* Köpeğinizin kan formation, feather in the structure, leather and playing important roles in the development of muscle protein and amino acids at the best rate.

* Nature of flaxseed using omega 3 & 6 oil balance has been achieved.

Joint as Ranger glucosamin & condintin sulfate has been added.

* Dogs fur by strengthening the structure of zinc and biotin.

* Contained in zinc and antioxidant vitamins minerals contributions with strong immune system and provides maximum resistance to diseases.

* Balanced healthy skeletal structure and development with calcium-Phosphorus ratio is provided.

* High metabolized olabilireneji value with less consumption is provided, stool is reduced.

* Specially designed grain shapes with teeth and gums preserved is easy to digest.

* Irresistibly has its own flavor with your dog ‘s daily nutrient needs balanced manner.

Mamanın content: processed animal protein-Corn flour-Rice flour-Barley flour-Wheat side products-Corn gluten meal-animal fat-Dry beer yeast-whey-Beer yeast-Flax seed minerals 🙁 calcium, phosphor, sodium, iodine, zinc, copper, potassium chloride) Vitamins: (Vitamin a, vitamin b1-B2-B3-B6-B7, vitamin c.

Vitamin e, vitamin k, niacin, folic acid, of cell structures, calcium pantothenate) mamanın analysis: crude protein 22, crude fat 10, crude fiber (4,00), hcl”de unsolvable Ash (maximum)(2,00), humidity (10,00), calcium (1,50), phosphorus (1), sodium (0,5), copper sulfate (17,00), Avit (at least) ıu/kg15.000, d3vit (at least) ıu/kg1.500, evit (at least) mg/kg100, cvit (at least) mg/kg100


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