E-Cloth for Pets Home & Travel Bed

E-Cloth for Pets Home & Travel Bed

Product Features

  • Luxuriously soft and comfort for cats and dogs. 90cm * 60cm
  • Well padded, with a waterproof backing
  • Quick and easy to roll up – perfect for travelling
  • 3 Velcro fasteners and a built-in carry handle
  • Guaranteed for 100 machine washes
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ECloth for Pets Home Travel Bed

Product description Luxurious softness and sumptuous comfort for your favourite furry friend. Plush and deeply padded on top, underneath lies a hard wearing and waterproof layer, fashioned in an modern Oxford Check design. And because it can roll up smaller than a dachshund, you can take it on holiday or use it in the car too. Simple to use For travelling, just roll up the bed and close together the 3 Velcro fasteners.

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