Whisker Doodle Self-Warming Dog Bed-35"x27"

Whisker Doodle Self-Warming Dog Bed-35"x27"

Product Features

  • KEEP DOGS COZY AND COMFORTABLE- This maximum comfort cat bed offers superior technology and material that keeps your animals loving this bed
  • FEATURES SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY-With same technology that heats “space blankets”, these beds are lined with a layer of material that generates warmth by reflecting a pet’s own body heat
  • SAFE AND HASSLE FREE- Keeps pets warm without using electricity
  • CUTE DESIGN- Made from faux lambs wool plush and wide wale corduroy with a non-skid bottom
  • AVAILBLE IN 4 BED SIZES- Available in four different sizes to fit your pets needs
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Whisker Doodle SelfWarming Dog Bedquotxquot

Size: 35IN.X27IN Keep your dog warm and cozy with Whisker doodle Self-Warming Dog Bed. Featuring the same heat-reflecting technology found in Mylar space blankets, Whiskerdoodlet Self-Warming Beds are lined with a layer of material that radiates warmth by reflecting your pets own body heat, no plug or electricity required! The sleep surface is made up of a cozy, soft lambs wool plush with a corduroy fabric making up the exterior. Overstuffed bolsters provide additional support for your cats neck, head, and back while the non-skid bottom helps keep it in place and for stability. Easy-to-clean.

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