Kitty Cot Original World's Best Cat Perch (Replacement 4 Giant Suction Cups)

Kitty Cot Original World's Best Cat Perch (Replacement 4 Giant Suction Cups)

Product Features

  • Kitty Cot Original World's Best Cat Perch (4 Giant Suction Cups)
  • Suction Cups are for Small, Medium & Large (Original Kitty Cots)
  • 2 Giant Suction Cups with Top Loop, 2 Giant Suction Cups with Top and Side Holes
  • Suction Cups have Light Diffusing Rings - Eliminates Hot Light Focal Points which Damage Textiles
  • PATENTED Design and Proudly Made in the USA
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Kitty Cot Original Worlds Best Cat Perch Replacement Giant

Kitty Cot - Worlds BEST Cat Perch - Set of 4 Giant Suction Cups - PATENTED and Made in USA. This set of Suction Cups is for the KITTY COT ORIGINAL and work for the Small, Medium and Large S,M,L. Each Suction Cup is rated for 12 pounds. Description for Kitty Cots: Kitty Cots attach to glass windows, mirrors and smooth non-porous surfaces using four PATENTED Giant Suction Cups made in the USA. Each cup is rated for 12 pounds so the Kitty Cot will hold about 25 pounds of cats. Kitty Cots work indoors and outdoors. The frame is made of PVC plastic pipe and fittings. Its not glued together so it can be taken apart. Currently the Kitty Cot hammock is a super-tough black nylon fabric called Tiger-mesh. Its so strong that its virtually impossible to rip or tear, and cleans easily with soap and water. Our design is so simple that anyone can put it up, and best of all you need no tools to install it. Lay your cats favorite blanket or pad down to make it even more bed-like and comfortable. Install it next to an outside bird feeder or another action location and your cat will be entertained for hours. DIRECTIONS 1.Hook the suction cups with the snap clips to the wires on the front of the Kitty Cot frame. 2.Insert the two loose suction cups into the open ends of the Kitty Cot frame making sure they are all the way in. 3.Find the window youre going to attach the Kitty Cot to. 4.Get out your window cleaner and clean that surface well. Probably needs it huh? 5.Simply hold the perch level and gently push it to the window or surface, seating the suction cups. 6.While keeping the perch level, hold each suction cup attached to the cables above the frame and gently push them to the surface. Youre done! 7.You might want to lay your cats favorite blanket on the perch. 8.Take a few pictures and videos of your kitties on their new Kitty Cot and post them on Amazon, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. KittyCot.

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