Cat 'n' Caboodle Racer Cat Scratcher

Cat 'n' Caboodle Racer Cat Scratcher

Product Features

  • Made from a solid wooden base with a corrugated cardboard inner
  • Great for scratching and and keeping claws trim and in good condition
  • Play track with colourful balls included for extra added fun to encourage natural play in the form of chase
  • Perfect to lay on giving that comforting warm feel that cats love
  • Perfect for keeping cats away from furniture
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Cat n Caboodle Racer Cat Scratcher

The racer cat scratcher from the Cat n Caboodle range by Happy pet is a great toy to keep your pet entertained and keep their precious paws and claws healthy. Part of a cats natural behaviour is the love and need to scratch, the corrugated cardboard provides the perfect surface to sink their claws into. With colourful balls to push and chase round the scratch pad This is a great interactive scratcher and will encourage hours of fun playtime for your pet. The wooden outer fixture of the toy is great for ensuring the toy lasts longer. Being a larger sized cat scratcher it is something that can be shared with another feline friend.

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