PetRebels Cat Tree Kings & Queens Catharina 120 Royal Cream

PetRebels Cat Tree Kings & Queens Catharina 120 Royal Cream

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  • A Petrebels product always meets the same quality characteristics and is individually handcrafted.
  • Petrebels is made unique because of their own designs.
  • The best plush quality. Accountable wood! Non-toxic materials!
  • By using glue on the sisal and plush we extend the lifespan of our products by 30%!
  • Petrebels rules.
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PetRebels Cat Tree Kings Queens Catharina Royal Cream

Art. 431144 Our trees named Catharina deserve the addition in the name as the famous idol - the great! Not even in the real height but great in color, design and quality. But let us work from the bottom up. The bottom plate of the lower cave box has a thickness of 4 cm and provides a great stability. The entrance is great and round. The color combination of a cream colored plush with grey sisal around the posts and grey sisal carpet around the cave box makes the scratching tree appealing and timeless. 3 posts of 9 cm diameter are following which are fixed on the box, whichever hold the middle board reliable. This is the first offer for your cat to scratch at with pleasure. In the middle of the lower box we implement the first rest stop. A reclining area with a cozy quilted cushion. The cushion can be removed due to Velcro and is washable at 30 degree. 3 additional scratching posts are directly placed above the middle board whichever hold the upper board and the hammock reliable, which is fixed underneath. The hammock is padded with soft foam and looks comfortably and cuddly, rolling each kitten into peaceful dreams. It is fixed with sturdy metal O-rings and can easily be removed by using the carabiner technology. The upper reclining surface is covered with a soft quilting cushion, which is easy to remove thanks to Velcro. Of course, the cushion is washable at 30 degrees. Due to the 5 cool reclining options, it will be hard to decide for each cat where to rest. The royal triangle shape dedicated Catharina as a perfect corner model. A lot of scratching surface for a small tree! measurements: 50x50cmheight 120cm product details: plush quality: 500gm, cream plastic socket made of ABS in a molded thread post diameter: 9 cm solid 5, 2 mm natural sisal, colored in grey, extra glued sturdy weaved sisal carpet colored in black, extra glued measurement box: 50x50cmheight 25cm measurement lower board: 35x35cmheight 2cm measurement cushion lower board: 35x35cm measurement upper board: 50x50cmheight 2cm measurement cushion upper board: 50x50cm - removable due Velcro, washable at 30 degrees color: royal-cream 16, 2 KG

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