PetRebels Cat Tree Bastards Dallas 69 Cream

PetRebels Cat Tree Bastards Dallas 69 Cream

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  • A Petrebels product always meets the same quality characteristics and is individually handcrafted.
  • Petrebels is made unique because of their own designs.
  • The best plush quality. Accountable wood! Non-toxic materials!
  • By using glue on the sisal and plush we extend the lifespan of our products by 30%!
  • Petrebels rules.
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PetRebels Cat Tree Bastards Dallas Cream

Art. 431028 The scratching tree DALLAS 69 is equipped with a fluffy round sofa and a large cozy cave. It is an offer to all couchpotatos and lazy cats. A board at the top offers another relaxing deal for your cat. If the lazy cat decides to scratch its claws, a few scratching posts are available nearby. DALLAS 69 is suitable for small and medium-sized cats. DALLAS 69 a charming offer to all lazy cats which do not fly at higher game and do not want to move fast. measurements: 50x40cmheight 69cm product details: plastic socket made of ABS in a molded thread plush quality: 480gm2 5, 2mm natural sisal pole diameter: 7cm measurements bottom board: 50x40cmheight 2cm measurements sofa: 30cm measurement box: 30cmx25cm measurement board: 40x25cmheight 2cm color: cream 9 KG

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